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Explore a wide range of about 400 wildlife species at the Bali Safari and Marine Park
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About Bali Safari & Marine Park

Spend a day with the exotic Indonesian animals at Bali Safari and Marine Park, and gain some unique experience with wildlife while exploring the park. Also known as Taman Safari Indonesia III, the park has over 1000 animals belonging to more than 120 species, some of which are endangered and rare. The major attraction of this park lies in the fact that the animals live in their natural habitat and roam around inside a huge walled area of the park.

There are several ways you can take a closer look at the animals living in this park. You can opt for a 4X4 Safari, a tram Safari or even one on the back of the Sumatran elephant.

As you embark on your adventurous journey, you will get a captivating view of animals such as the Sumatran tiger, komodo dragon, white tiger, leopard, zebra, giraffe and others wandering in the environment which is a fusion of Balinese cultural ambience with African Savannah. Throughout your safari, you will come to know exciting information regarding these animals.

You can also choose to visit the Bali Safari Marine Park at night and go for a night safari in a caged tram to take a look at the nightly habits of these animals. Apart from these, you can also opt to share breakfast or lunch with the lions at Tsavo Lion Restaurant and witness a Balinese cultural theatrical performance, The Bali Agung Show.

Bali Safari and Marine Park, or Taman Safari Indonesia III is a branch of Taman Safari located in Gianyar, Bali. Bali Safari & Marine Park is an amusement park offering Balinese cultural entertainment and the latest design in wildlife encounters.

Buying Bali Safari and Marine Park Tickets Online

Wildlife and nature lovers visiting Bali will surely want to take a look at the rich flora and fauna reserve of the destination. You will be able to discover a plethora of Indian, Indonesian and African Savannah wildlife such as the Komodo Dragon, Orangutan, white tiger and others with the ticket to Bali Safari and Marine Park, which is available online. Purchasing a ticket online will give you the benefit of a hotel pickup and will give you the option to choose from various packages. You will also be able to make your visit hassle-free and save time by avoiding long queues. With the ticket, you will be able to take joy in being a part of several activities such as going on a safari, watching the Tiger, Elephant and Animal show, and visiting the Freshwater Aquarium. The ticket will also give you access to the Water Play Zone where you can enjoy a splash. You can also opt to include lunch in your ticket and can also opt for a night safari ticket to take a look at the night scene.

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About the Activity

  • Explore the Bali Safari and Marine Park to take a look at around 120 species of animals.

  • Take a look at some of the endangered species of Indonesia including the Komodo Dragon, Orangutan, Sumatran elephant, and more.

  • Feel enchanted spotting various other animals from Indonesia, India and Africa, such as spotted deers, monkeys, Himalayan bears, dark bucks, nilgai, African hippos, zebras, camels, ostriches, blue wildebeests, and lions.

  • Opt for an elephant safari to explore the Bali Safari Zoo and feel thrilled spotting animals as the elephant meanders through the park.

  • Have breakfast or lunch at Tsavo Lion Restaurant and delight in having your meal while looking at a pride of lions.

  • Opt for the Night Safari and enjoy a ride on a caged tram to get the sights of nocturnal animals.

  • Enjoy the entertaining Animal Educational Show, Tiger Show, and Elephant Educational Show.

  • Feel captivated looking at the Bali Agung show, a spectacular theatrical performance featuring more than 150 Balinese dancers and musicians.

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What You’ll Experience at the Bali Safari and Marine Park

Take a journey into the Bali Safari and Marine Park to discover some of the wildlife inhabitants from India, Indonesia and the African Savannah. Visit the place and watch more than 1000 animals belonging to 120 species living naturally together in this park.

Feel ecstatic as you spot Komodo dragons, cheetahs, the Bali Starling bird, orangutans, elephants, tigers, lions and more as they roam about while you make your journey inside a tram or a 4X4 vehicle. You can also make your safari more enjoyable by opting to journey into the park on an elephant's back.

While safari would be the main reason for you to visit the Bali Safari Marine Park, you will find a lot of other amazing experiences to partake in such as elephant safari, Tiger Show, Animal show and others. May a visit to the petting zoo, observe the feeding of piranhas and white tigers, and watch an elephant bath.

Grab the exciting option of learning a Balinese dance and catch a traditional Balinese theatrical performance in the luxurious auditorium. Apart from this, there is the Fun Zone, a mini theme park where you can have fun and the Water Park, where you can beat the heat with a thrilling splash.

If you feel hungry, a unique experience awaits you. Head towards the Tsavo Lion Restaurant to have lunch while watching a pride of lions seating next to you, separated by a safe glass panel. You can also head towards the village themed Uma Restaurant to enjoy a buffet meal.

Types of Safaris

Thoiry Zoo Safari
Jungle Hopper

One of the best safari experiences you can get in Bali Safari and Marine Park is on a Jungle Hooper Safari, a tour in a specially designed Safari Tram. Hop on this tram and enter the world of the animal kingdom. You will be able to take a closer look at more than 1000s of animals belonging to 120 species of Indonesian animals. Some of the animals you will be able to spot during this tour include Bali Starling, Komodo Dragon, Orangutan etc. This safari package also includes aquarium access, special shows access along with a glimpse into traditional Balinese culture.

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Elephant Expedition
Elephant Back Safari

Another exciting safari that you can embark on during your Bali Safari Marine Park visit is Elephant Back Safari. Feel majestic as you sit on the back of the Sumatran elephants, the largest land mammal in the world and journey into the African-themed Bushveld. Marvel in the jungle setting and watch with fascination, Zebras, Rhinoceros and Wildebeests roaming freely around you. Learn more about the elephants from the qualified mahout (handlers) during your ride.

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Leopard at Night in Bali Safari and Marine Park
Night Safari

Those interested in taking a look at the wild beasts and the jungle scene at night can opt for the Night Safari package which is available every Saturday, Sunday, and every public holiday. While visiting the Bali Safari Zoo at night in a specially caged tram, you will be thrilled to watch how the various animals such as the elephants, giraffes, zebras and others interact with each other at night. Added to your enjoyment, there will be a fire show and a BBQ dinner included with your safari.

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Thoiry ZooSafari
Breakfast with the Lions

Have your first meal of the day at Bali Safari Zoo, while watching a pride of lions starting their day. Go for this morning dining experience at Tsavo Lion Restaurant, the first African-themed restaurant in Asia, where you will be having your breakfast seating in the setup which is safely separated from the lions by full-length-viewing glass panels. If breakfast is not an option, you can also opt for having a lunch with the Lions as well.

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Bali Safari and Marine Park
4x4 Safari

The Bali Safari and Marine Park also have an option to take a closer look at the wildlife in a 4X4 vehicle. You will be taken on this private adventure in a specially outfitted 4x4 vehicle that will take you to the natural habitat of the wildlife. Feel thrilled as you watch the giraffes, zebras and others come near the vehicle to meet you or simply stare at you or even ignore you at a distance.

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Agung Show in Bali
Agung Show

A special highlight of the Bali Safari Marine Park is the Agung Show which you can witness in the luxurious auditorium of the park. The auditorium is fully equipped with surround sound, advanced multimedia technology, and lighting to make this cultural performance featuring 150 Balinese dancers, musicians, and shadow-puppet masters in vibrant costumes, spectacular.

Watch with fascination, the theatrical performance, a fusion of traditional and modern theatrical arts, which narrates the story of King Sri Jaya Pangus and his beloved Chinese wife, Kang ChingWie through dramatic music compositions and beautiful dance choreography.

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Restaurants in Bali Safari and Marine Park

A trip to Bali Safari and Marine Park can be an enjoyable experience but if you do not take a break in between and increase your energy level by having some food, your trip can also exhaust you totally. The park has two restaurants both of which have been designed, keeping in mind the surrounding settings. While Tsavo Lion Fine Dining Restaurant will delight you with its African theme and view of the lions during meals, Uma Restaurant will give you a refreshing feeling with its ethnic village setup and flavourful buffet dishes.

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Lioness playing at Bali Safari and Marine Park
Tsavo Lion Restaurant

Want to enjoy your meal while looking at lions in their natural habitat? Head out towards Tsavo Lion Restaurant, famed for being the first African-themed restaurant in Asia where you will not only be able to have a flavourful meal but will also enjoy close encounters with the wildlife during your meal. Go for this unique dining experience and observe the pride of lions in their natural habitat while eating delicious dishes.

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Thoiry ZooSafari
Uma Restaurant

If you feel tired while going around the Bali Safari and Marine Park, take a break and relax for a while on the unique ethnic village theme setup of Uma Restaurant. This all-day dining restaurant serves Balinese cuisine that has been made out of traditional recipes. Those willing to try out a variety of options can also opt for the buffet-style meal where Asia and international dishes are also served along with local specialities.

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Bali Safari and Marine Park Tickets FAQs

Is pickup/drop available with this ticket?

Yes, pick-up is available with this ticket. You can pre-arrange to get a pick-up from your hotel or meet at Bali Zoo, Bali, Indonesia, as managed by your operator.

What to carry before going there?

It is essential to carry your voucher along with ID proof. Apart from this a cap or a headcover is essential to protect your head from the sun. Wear sunglasses for eye protection and use sunscreen to protect your skin. Carry bottles of water to keep your body hydrated. Wear comfortable walking shoes as you will need to do a lot of walking inside the park.

Is there any age restriction for entry?

No, there is no restriction for entering Bali Safari and Marine Park. Children up to the age of two years will be able to enter the park free. Those aged between three to twelve will be able to avail of a child ticket. For children above 12 years, please purchase an adult ticket.

What activities will be included in this ticket?

There are two ticket options that you can opt to visit the Bali Safari Zoo. If you opt for the Jungle Hopper package, it will include the Safari Journey (1x), Freshwater Aquarium, Tiger show at 11:15 AM, Elephant Show at 1 PM, Animal Show at 3 PM, as well as access to the Water Play Zone. The Dragon Package will include all of these and will additionally include lunch. Apart from this, you can also look for a Night Package which includes a BBQ meal.

What are the opening hours of the Bali Safari and Marine Park?

The park opens daily at 9 am and remains open for day visitors till 5 pm. If you are interested in the Bali Agung show, then you will need to visit between Tuesday to Sunday. Those wishing to go for a Night Safari will need to take a ride post 9 pm.

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