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Cruises in Bali Overview

The cruises in Bali are perfect tranquil escapades to the heavenly landscapes of pristine beaches and turquoise blue waters. It steals the heart of every individual with its confluence of luxury and adventure. After innumerable sightseeing opportunities in Bali, the cruising experience lets you enjoy both the laidback relaxation and thrill so you can create memories and cherish them for a lifetime. Through the cruise tour packages, you can take an unforgettable ride through the ocean to spend an exotic evening with your friends, family, or beloved ones.

The best cruise in Bali is the Bounty Cruise, which is a paradise on earth that uplifts your mood with its fun water sports activities, like canoeing, snorkeling, banana boat rides, and diving board. Catamaran Cruise to Lembongan Island Bali is yet another remarkable experience of witnessing the spectacular views of the city and its coastline through the open deck. If you are looking forward to surprising your partner, you can opt for Bali Aristocat Evening Cruise which lets you spend some quality time with your loved ones while grooving to the live music performances done by the onboard Aristocats.

Best Cruises in Bali

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Bounty Cruise in Bali

Bounty Cruises in Bali is a wonderful experience of sailing to Lembongan Island which is a paradise on earth with magnificent scenery. It is a wonderful activity to relax your mind, body, and soul away from the hustle and bustle of city life and enjoy the fascinating closeness to nature. Through this cruise, you can get on a pontoon and participate in fun and engaging activities, like banana boat rides, glass-bottom boat rides, snorkeling, canoeing, and diving boards. This pontoon boat will also take you on a village journey to Wayan Villa.

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Sunset Dinner Cruise in Bali

Tourists can embrace the merriment of a tropical evening with a remarkable sunset dinner cruise through which you can sail through the open waters. It is regarded as the best cruise in Bali that allows you to witness the changing colors of the day and night while relishing the live cabaret performance and grooving to the tunes of the open dance floor. You can even enjoy a world-class buffet dinner that lets you create unforgettable memories with your friends and family.

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Catamaran Cruise to Lembongan Island Bali

The Catamaran Cruise to Lembongan Island Bali offers an adventurous trip to Lembongan Island. It is one of those cruises in Bali through which you can see the spectacular views of the city and its coastline through the open deck of the cruise. It serves a refreshing breakfast at Mushroom Bay and a barbecue lunch at Lembongan Beach Club with cocktails. After filling your stomach with a sumptuous meal, you can take part in exciting water sports activities, like diving, snorkeling, parasailing, and banana rides.

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Bali Beach Club Cruise

The Bali Beach Club Cruise is a remarkable cruising activity that authorizes you to experience the unadulterated charms of a tranquil tropical island. It is considered to be the best cruise in Bali, through which you can relax on the golden sands of the beaches, cool your senses in the lagoon pool, or enjoy the shade of the peaceful gardens. To enjoy the tropical experience of the cruise, you will be served a lip-smacking barbecue lunch that includes grilled fresh fish and salads at the poolside cabana.

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Bali Reef Cruise
Bali Reef Cruise

If you are a thrill seeker, Bali Reef Cruise is one of those cruises in Bali that offers unlimited access to adventurous activities, like witnessing the exotic marine life and vibrant corals and partaking in banana boat rides. With the help of this cruise, the visitors can take a cultural tour of Lembongan Island or try scuba diving activities for the first time with the experienced team of PADI diving instructors. Therefore, it is a complete package of cruising experiences that lets you create exceptional memories with your loved ones.

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Bali Castaway Cruise

If you want to be swept ashore onto the private island paradise in Bali, you should opt for the Bali Castaway Cruise. Attributed as the best cruise in Bali, it will take you for a morning sail to Crystal bay in Nusa Penida that are exclusively for Bali Aristocrat guests. Since it offers you a chance to see crystal clear waters, you can indulge in snorkeling activities in some of the best coral reefs of Indonesia. Through this cruise, you can also capture mesmerizing views of tropical marine life.

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Bali Aristocat Evening Cruise

Bali Aristocat Evening Cruise is one of the most romantic experiences out of all cruises in Bali as it makes your evening special and memorable with a champagne cocktail and canape in their Marina garden. In this cruising experience, the onboard Aristocat will welcome all the guests to the sounds of live musical entertainment to ensure romance and satisfaction during the trip. It is indeed a magical experience of watching the sparkling lights on the shore on one side and the golden views of the setting sun on the other side.

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Bali Aristocat Sailing Cruise
Bali Aristocat Sailing Cruise

The Bali Aristocat Sailing Cruise is one of those cruising experiences in Bali that takes you to the idyllic isle of Lembongan from Benoa Harbour on the south-east coast of the city. You can board this sailing catamaran and enjoy the isolated charms of the tranquil tropical island. On this cruise, you will be served complimentary soft drinks and refreshments followed by a delectable barbecue lunch grilled on arrival upon arrival at the Hai Tide Beach Resort. The highlight of this cruise is the parasailing adventure through which you get a bird’s eye view of the entire island.

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Bali Cruise
Bali 3 Islands Ocean Rafting Cruise

Among the other best cruises in Bali, Bali 3 Islands Ocean Rafting is a favorable option that is worth considering for it offers an exciting day filled with sightseeing and snorkeling activities on the finest coral reefs of Indonesia. With this cruising experience, you can pay a visit to the pristine bays, swim, snorkel, or go beachcombing on the isolated white sandy beaches. It also lets you discover Bali’s three sister islands, named Nusa Ceningan, Nusa Lembongan, and Nusa Penida.

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What are the best Cruises in Bali?

-Sunset Dinner Cruise- The Sunset Dinner Cruise is regarded to be the best cruise in Bali for offering a remarkable dining experience amidst the different shades of yellow, saffron, and orange colors of the setting sun.

-Lembongan Island Catamaran Cruise- Lembongan Island Catamaran Cruise provides a complete package of merriment and adventure for an entire day through water sports activities, like kayaking, swimming, snorkeling, and much more.

-Bounty Cruise- If you are looking forward to giving a romantic experience to your beloved in Bali, you should indulge in Bounty Cruise for an international buffet dinner with a live music show and stunning dance performance.

-Sea Safari Cruise- Among the other cruises in Bali, Sea Safari Cruise is the best as it lets visitors experience the maritime wonders of Indonesia, including Raja Ampat, Morotai, Wakatobi, and Alor.

Why are Cruises in Bali so popular?

Since Bali is an effervescent city of islands that is renowned for its pristine waters, people love to explore its shoreline through cruising activities. It is a popular thing to do with your friends and family where you can explore nature from close. This experience will make you relish the luscious greenery on the island and the gorgeous sunset views from a far distance.

Are cruises in Bali worth visiting?

Yes, Bali cruises are absolutely worth visiting as you get an opportunity to explore the diverse flora and fauna on the waters of Bali. Since the highlight of the country is its waters, you should not miss a chance to explore it with cruising activities.

Which is the best cruise in Bali?

A Dinner Cruise on the Traditional Wooden Boat is considered to be the best cruise in Bali. Although it is a tiny group cruise tour, it uplifts the mood of every visitor with live Indonesian music and dance and a healthy buffet meal. Through this cruise, you can enjoy the night breeze on the deck while sailing across the beautiful waters of the Bali coastline.

How long does the Bounty Cruise in Bali last?

The Bounty Cruise in Bali lasts for around seven to eight hours. Within this time frame, the visitors are taken to the gorgeous Nusa Lembongan, which is a haven of majestic scenery. Cruising this place is a wonderful way to relax and rejuvenate your senses away from the humdrum of city life.

Which cruise island is best in Bali?

Lembongan Island is one of the best cruises in Bali, where people can spend an entire day in happiness and enjoyment. On this cruise island, you can indulge in plenty of remarkable water sports activities, like swimming, fishing, snorkeling, kayaking, and banana boat ride. Besides this, the island is ideal for soaking up the bright sun on the golden sand beaches.

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